Grace Groups

know... grow...  connect... go

Grace Groups is our adult small group ministry here at Grace.


Here at Grace, we believe that God designed us to be a part of a community. It’s striking that even God, though one being, is a God of community. We believe that being a part of the family of God calls us to be a part of small groups that challenge us to grow in our obedience to God’s word, that call us to grow in our love for Christ, that are a safe place to, “do life together,” and ultimately, send us out to make the love and grace of Christ known.
Though all groups share this common heart to live as a family, you will find incredible diversity in the expression of these groups. Some meet in homes throughout the week, some meet at the church on Sunday mornings, some are based on ages or interests, others are intentionally diverse. Our heart is that you will find a Grace group that will encourage you and support you as you seek to grow in Christ and make His love known.
What do Grace Groups do?
Every Grace Group is unified around four main passions: Know, Grow, Connect and Go. Meetings are intentionally structured to focus in on four main things as we seek to know and love Christ.

First, Grace Groups help us Know God’s Word. In every Grace Group, you will find an intentional and purposeful study of God’s Word. We are deeply committed to the authority of the Scriptures, and we want to know what God has revealed to us in His word. At the same time, we believe that the written word points us to the Living Word-   Jesus Christ. We don’t just want to know things about Jesus, we want to know Jesus, and to follow Him with every part of our lives. A regular part of group meetings are given to asking one another, “Are we actually living out what we say we believe?” We want to follow and know Christ with every part of our lives.
Secondly, Grace Groups Grow in their Love for Christ.
We’re convinced that lives that have been touched by the gospel change. A natural fruit of the love of Jesus in our lives is that we grow to love Him more. Jesus says that if we love Him, we will keep His commands. For every follower of Jesus, our task each day is to ask, “What’s the next step of  following Jesus?” In other words, how can we look and live more like Jesus in all that we do?
Third, Grace Groups Connect Authentically. One of the most commonly used terms to describe the church in the New Testament is the word, “family.” In our families we do life together, love one another, and serve together. We are passionate here at Grace, that we be a place for the entire family, regardless of age or background. Far more than simply coming on Sundays, we want to put down the masks, and authentically be in genuine relationship with one another. Together in our groups, we foster communities where it’s safe to share the honest struggles of life and to follow Christ together.

Finally, Grace Groups Go and Serve Others. We believe that the love of Jesus is a gift that is simply too big to keep to ourselves. The incredible love of Jesus calls us to radically love others and to proclaim that love in the world. We’re deeply committed to sharing the love of Christ personally, locally, and globally. It’s why each group is asked to serve in at least one practical service project each quarter. These can be anything from mowing a lawn for a family in need, to prayer walking their neighborhood. Together our heart is to encourage, and challenge one another, to think intentionally about how we can share the love of Christ with others.
How often do Grace Groups meet?
We suggest that Grace Groups meet weekly. We’ve found that developing this consistency is vital for helping people get connected in groups, and do life together. At the same time, some groups do meet every other week, and supplement through informal gatherings throughout the week.
How do I sign up?
To find out more information on available Grace Groups, call the church office at 503.397.0405 or email